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Farm Animal Birthday Party - Old MacDonald Had a Farm Party Ideas
Host a memorable farm animals birthday party with a quack, quack here
and a moo, moo there, farm animal games, crafts and activities. A favorite birthday party theme for babies, toddlers and young children.
Surround the party area with your child's favorite farm animals.
Begin with a delightful Old MacDonald's Farm Animal Party Box or
bright and cheerful Farm Friends party supplies. Then, add the party
games and activities below to complete your birthday party planning.

Either purchase invitations matching your theme, or make your own,
with card stock paper. Your local scrap booking center will have die-cut machines available for your use. Cut ducks, cows, pigs and other favorite animals. Use a bright gel pen to write your message and party information.
Variation: For an extra special invitation hand deliver a small 
animal beanie toy with the note attached.

Bright colors are in order here. hang streamers and balloons.
Place animal puppets and stuffed animals where they can be seen and played with. Cover your table and set with Farm Animal plates, napkins and cups. Use a stuffed animal for a centerpiece and attach a bouquet of balloons to the stuffed animal
. Advanced Decorating - Use a large appliance box to paint a red barn for the children to play in. Drape furniture with feux fur and cow print fabric.

Personalized party items such as banners, invitations and party favors that coordinate with your theme, will add a unique touch to your party.
Personalize here >>

Select the activities from this list that will best suit 
the age group of the children

A Special Welcome
Each of your party guests will giggle, as they arrive and receive a cap decorated with their name and favorite farm animal.
Painters caps can be purchased at a hardware store for less than $1.00. Use fabric paints to write the names. Decorating is a breeze if you use pre cut stencils or painting sponges from a craft store; ducks, pigs cows, etc.
Use kid safe face paint to paint noses and whiskers on the children's faces. Enlist a helper or two!

Put on a Show

Ask some creative friends to coordinate a puppet show 
using farm animal puppets.

Parachute Play
Use a large bed sheet or purchase a GYMBOREE style playground parachute. Gather the children and some adults to form a circle around the parachute. Working together, hold the edges and  to move the parachute up and down. Once the children get the hang of it, allow a few children at a time, to go under the "dome". Then put a stuffed cow, duck, horse...in the center and make then hop and jump as well. As each animal toy is added to the parachute, encourage the children to make the matching animals sounds.

Oh No! Old Macdonald
Before the party hide several farm animal toys or cards around the birthday party area, yard etc. Paint or decorate a box to look like a barn or simply use a basket. To play, explain to the children that old MacDonald's animals got out of the barn. They will then search and collect the toys/cards and return them to the barn.

Duck, Duck, Goose
Click here for instructions >>

Fill the Barn
Use the same barn box as the game above. 
Mark and "X" on the floor where the children will stand. 
Place the "barn" a reasonable distance from the "X" and provide beanie animals for the children to toss into the barn while standing on the "X".

Farm Party Art Time
If the children are old enough, add an art project to your birthday party.
Provide paint with water books, play dough with animal cookie cutters, 
or animal shaped sponges and paint. 
Don't forget the art smocks or large T-shirts!

Bubble Fun
Little ones love bubbles! Toddlers can blow their own bubbles
with spill proof bubble bottles and wands. Otherwise, adults
can blow the bubbles and the children can catch them.
Play and Old MacDonald CD for this activity as well.

Circle Time
If you are not comfortable leading a story, songs and finger plays. Hire a preschool, or Kindermusik teacher
for a special circle time to honor the birthday child.

Sit with several stuffed animals on your lap. 
Sing Old Macdonald Had a Farm with children. 
When it's time say the animal ...on his farm he had a ______ hold up an animal and the children sing/shout it.

Exclusive Birthday in a Box favor sets are a fun and unique way to give your guests a special treat! The Baby Einstein Party favor set is designed to coordinate perfectly with your party theme.

Turn a simple sheet cake into a farm with green and brown frosting and toys placed on the top. Playmobil and fisher price toys work well for this. Or, get creative using sheet cakes.
Make a Barn or animal shaped cake. The Family Fun's Birthday Cake Book can show you how step-by-step!

E-I-I-E-I-O, Farm Animals from Birthday In A Box!

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